Equipment for Hire

Equipment for Hire

 Cork Rehearsal Studios offers a hire/rental service of musical gear, including…

PA rigs to suit small to mid-sized venues,

Bass and Guitar amplification and Drumsets,

as well as Stage lighting and Atmospherics.


PA sets


peavey-messager-pro-sub2        peavey-pro-15        peavey-pv15m


Our PA sets can be tailored to fit your exact requiremnts,

Peavey sub-bass units and full-range speakers form the basis of the system, with an available power of up to a massive 2400w. Available to add to this are both passive and powered stage monitors, 24ch stage multicores, gates/limiters and compressors w/ signal processing if required.


behringer-multicom2        thebox-ma150        multicore


Bass and Guitar amplification


marshall-mg100hdfx        marshall-1960A-Cab        VIRTUBE_VT100FXH

We have a wide range of Guitar and Bass amplification options available – The excellent Marshall 1960a 4×12″ guitar cabinet when paired with the 100w heads from Marshall and Behringer will suit most needs, but the staggering 50w Stonehead amp from AMT is a fantastic combination for those wishing for a more polished and nuanced control.

amt-stonehead        AMT-logo-small-white        behringer-DI-box

The Warwick 4×10″ Bass cab and 350w Hartke bass head are a great match and are well able to hold their own on any mid-sized stage. Behringer DI boxes are also available for when supplementary amplification is required 🙂

warwick-wca410        hartke-HA3500        ashdown-toneman-810




Mapex-Meridian-Birch-Black-Forest-Fade        mapex-meridian - cherry

Our 6-piece drumsets from Yamaha and Mapex come with all hardware, pedals and stands included. Cymbal sets are available if required, as are travel hardcases, extra stands and drum-mic sets

t-bone-dc-4000        behrdynamic-drum-mic-holder        mapex-logo-small-black


Stage and Lighting accessories

par-can        led-par-can        smoke-machine        strobe


To round off any live performance, a little theatrics are never out of place! We supply stage spots and LED full-colour stage cans capable of independent or DMX controlled colour shifting, 1500w smoke machines and strobes to ensure your show is a feast for the visual as well as the audiotory senses 🙂


Please contact us with a list of your needs for an up-to-date quote.

Although preferential rates are given to bands who use our facilities, as a rough measure, guitar/bass hire is €30, drumsets €50 and PA €100 per night with an increasing discount for hires of multiple items 😉