Welcome to Cork Rehearsal Studios


Cork Rehearsal Studios – The City’s Premier Rehearsal Space

Situated at the heart of Cork’s booming music scene, Cork Rehearsal Studios is conveniently located AND refreshingly detached from the noise and clutter of the big city.

Cork Rehearsal Studios’s showcase rooms and rehearsal spaces come fully equipped with Mapex drumkits, Marshall stacks, Hartke/Warwick bass amps and Peavey 1600W p.a. – we also supply 4 vocal mics with each room.

To top it off, our rehearsal space is clean, our rooms are soundproofed and bright, our staff are friendly, and our rates are extremely reasonable.


  •    Well soundproofed 

  •    Great room sound

  •    Very clean

  •    Free parking

  •    Friendly atmosphere

  •    Lounge area; free pool and pinball

  •    Refreshments available

  •    Music accessories available

  •    Free tea and coffee

  •    Stereo recording as standard


room10      common-room2

Some outside views..

outside-with-scooter2          carpark2