About us

We provide quality lockout studios and session band rehearsal studios managed by a friendly staff dedicated to providing a professional creative environment. We offer great deals on daily and monthly practice space to the Cork Music community.
Located in the Blackpool area of Cork City, we offer rooms for 3 sessions daily with PA and with Full Backline. Our facility has secure access and on site monitoring.

Please call or email for availability. Throughout our site you will find photos and more detailed information about our rooms as well as directions to our facility and links to our clients’ sites.

Cork Rehearsal Studios offers the Cork city area musicians a new experience in rehearsal facilities. With 5,000 square feet, Cork Rehearsal Studios offers both session and monthly rehearsal studios slots and a lounge in a clean and secure location.

We have been in business since 2006 and are home to over forty bands of all styles. If you need a professional environment to rehearse this is the place!

Cork Rehearsal Studios was conceived and designed from day one as a rehearsal complex, something Cork has been sorely missing for years – we hope you’ll agree it was worth the wait! Our facility has 10 rehearsal rooms, a lounge area (complete with pool table and vending machines and couch action), free tea and coffee. Clean bathrooms! Fire escapes! Hell we’ve gone all-out 🙂

Each carpeted rehearsal room has double block walls on both sides of the common walls, fiberglass batt insulation, and two inches of air gap. This means there is a 1 1/2 ft wall between you and any other rehearsal room!! High ceilings make our rooms feel big and spacious, and provide you with the proper ambience you need.

When it’s break time you can relax in style in our musicians lounge. Check the bulletin board for that missing player, or have a cold drink and play a pool game to unwind.

Your equipment is guarded by our security system complete with video cameras and monitored alarm system.

Rehearsal studios come in many sizes and prices to fit every bands’ budget. Please call for current prices.


Feel free to stop by and let us give you the grand tour. Many thanks for your interest, R